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In The Minds of the People
In The Minds of the People Ending America's Cold Civil War by Larry Dudley The United States is being torn apart by a Cold Civil War launched by right wing extremists. Our national government is paralyzed, broken.  America does not have a future unless things change. In The Minds Of The People: Ending America’s Cold Civil War is not merely an analysis of this crisis, like some books and authors.  Instead, it’s also a roadmap for how to bring America back:  -If we change the culture, we change the politics.   It’s simple cause and effect. -Cultures grow from things people take for granted.   -Conservatives take it for granted society is modeled on family— that’s where the trouble starts. Things don't have to be this way!   We can peacefully bring Americans together and end the Cold Civil War. That’s the big message of In The Minds Of The People.  
A graduate of New York University, Larry Dudley has had a variety of careers:  he’s been the assistant curator of a museum, worked for a radio telescope observatory, been the lead reviewer and feature writer for the Saratogian newspaper, covering the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and its resident companies,  the New York City Ballet, Opera and the Philadelphia Orchestra and a wide variety of other features. He also is a media and advertising consultant, a web designer and a professional political campaign manager.   He is also partner in a digital film production company, Bardic Films.  He has written three books, including the novels New York Station, St. Kilda, Timeshoppers, and now, In The Minds Of The People.  
With special foreword by Jim Dean, ChairDemocracy For America Larry has authored a book that describes and prescribes the biggest challenges that face any of us who believe in changing our Country and restoring the real pillars of its success.  This is especially relevant for DFA and like communities who are committed to change….  We believe in the political process and will always fight for better leadership.  But the real challenge is about something much bigger, the way we and others think, and the difference between thought, action, real change, and change at the margins….   no matter what happens in November, the real revolution — the one that exists in all of us — is just getting started.”  
In The Minds of the People Ending America's Cold Civil War by Larry Dudley For the last thirty years the United States has experienced an escalating Cold Civil War as the deadlock in Congress deepens and bitterness, frustration and anger in the country soars.  No other industrial democracy has remotely comparable internal divisions.  We’re kidding ourselves if we think such a nation has a real future. Over the last decade liberals, moderates and progressives have increasingly been seeking ways to win this Cold Civil War and restore America.  The desire is understandable but the goal is mistaken.  We should not take it for granted that these divisions have to exist at all.   The late, great anthropologist Edward S. Hall once observed “culture is the things we take for granted.”  The difference between conservatives, and the mainstream American tradition since the Revolution, are taken for granted assumptions on what structure society is modeled on: family or community.   These differences can and have been changed.  Quebec in its Quiet Revolution of the 1960s abandoned an ultraconservative culture similar to the one driving the hard right in the US.   Quebec is now one of the most progressive societies in the world.   John Adams once wrote to Thomas Jefferson: “The revolution was in the minds of the people, and this was effected from 1760-1775, in the course of fifteen years, before a drop of blood was shed at Lexington.”  In those fifteen quiet years Americans turned against an earlier model of society structured on family— the monarchy.   Only a new mental revolution— a new narrative of ourselves— that addresses the whole of our minds and the things people take for granted, their culture, will unite Americans and end our Cold Civil War. That kind of revolution, why we need one and how we make it happen, is what Larry Dudley’s new book, In The Minds Of The People is about.  
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Revolution In The Mind
How stories shape the things people take for granted, and the culture they live in
How a narrative of community Americans already hold in their minds can end the Cold CIvil War  
High & Low
Paternalism & The NSA-Prism Spy Scandal
High & Low Context Cultures & Politics
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How a family model of society unites social & economic conservatives
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Higher Ground
The Concluding Chapter — A Summary
The Introductory Chapters
Samples From In The Minds of the People Ending America's Cold Civil War by Larry Dudley   
What The Red/Blue State Divisions Actually Mean
The Hudson Press
List of Chapters
A Special Afterword
Hierarchy & Ownership
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Forty-Eight Landa novelby Larry Dudley In June 1940, at the very moment the Nazis enter Paris, Anglo-American MI6 agent Roy Hawkins receives orders rushing him to 48 Land—British Intelligence’s slang for the U.S. and its  48 states.  Shaken by the fall of France, angered by the failure to head off the Nazis and fighting burnout, Hawkins learns Britain now wants him undercover as an agent in his father’s country.  Outraged, he initially refuses– but agrees to take one temporary assignment.  Always on guard, forced to make himself a stranger in a land he sees as a home, Hawkins finds the America he knew is now an alien, topsy-turvey place obsessed with “Fortress America” and a powerful right wing on the rise.   His alienation deepens when he trails a Nazi agent to the elite Saratoga racing meet, discovers rot beneath the glamor and glitter, and is tempted to walk away with a beautiful socialite.  But then he discovers a secret that forces him to chose  between love and duty, only to realize the two are the same.
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